Friday, April 1, 2011

Catching up...and starting over!

Wow. It's been a year since my last post. Entry? ... Not really sure what to call it.

So we're dealing with some pretty big changes from a year ago! It's now 14 days until the end of tax season 2010, which is probably more exciting to me than anyone else in the world. It's my LAST ONE!!

We're moving to TEXAS! Crazy huh? I can hardly believe it myself. This is something we have talked and dreamed about for months, and it's finally really happening. So far, 2011 has been an insane year with lots of big changes for us. Matt got a job offer with the TX company the first week in January, rented a moving truck, and drove out to start work the last week in January. I felt very strongly about finishing out this tax season with my job (the reason behind that decision is a whole separate story!). So I have been holding down the fort in Charlotte, trying to sell the house, trying to keep my sanity through a tax season which has kicked my tail, trying to find a new job, trying to convince myself that I'm stronger than I feel. It's been a definite growing experience!

I'm going to try to keep this up a little more regularly. I'll probably have lots to talk about in the next few months!