Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grand Slam and a Hot Dog Stand

This is not my photo. I borrowed it from Google images.

I'm really curious about who, exactly, determined that baseball is the "all-American" sport? I'm sure there is history behind this of which I am simply unaware. But seriously....someone please enlighten me! I don't hate baseball, I'm just not it's biggest fan.

Matt and I were given tickets to the Texas Rangers game last night. We were pretty excited to go. But because we have both become so insanely cheap er, frugal (thank you for that, Mr. Dave Ramsey) we were probably mostly excited about the game when we found out that Wednesday nights are "Doller Hot Dog Night." WooHoo!! A baseball game AND cheap food? We are so. there.

I even ate two hot dogs because seriously, you just can't beat that price.

We found our seats and settled in for the start of the game. I had decided early on that I was going to pay really close attention and not miss a thing in this game. Usually, I'm the girl at the game who is just chatting away until everyone starts cheering and clapping, then I'm in a confused state wondering, "What happened? What did I miss??"

Yes. THAT girl. But this time was definitely going to be different. I was determined!

The players all took their places out on the field and the first pitch was made.

"Hey Matt, what color are we?"

"We're the ones wearing the shirts that say "TEXAS" on them."

I squinted my eyes to try read their shirts. "I can't read the shirts. Are we white or gray?"


By the second inning I was really tired of trying to pay attention to the game. Why do all those "vendor" people (you know, the ones running around yelling "ice cold beer" or "peanuts" or "cotton candy") have to wear such neon shirts and yell so loud? Like that's not distracting.

I briefly re-gained my concentration and paid attention throughout the third inning (might have been the fourth or fifth....but who's counting?) when we got several runs followed by a grand slam. I will admit that  inning was very exciting. There is something really cool about watching all different kinds of people cheering and high-fiving each other. If baseball was always that exciting, I'd love it!

Speaking of all the different kinds of people, my oh my the people you see at a baseball favorite was the little white-haired grandma with a drum who would stand up and beat the drum in time to the music. She was hilarious!

Come to think of it, maybe I really do like baseball games after all. Sure, I might not go for the game but does that really matter?

People watching is a sport, too.