Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meal Plans. UGH

I absolutely love being a wife. In fact, I really hope that some day in the near future, I can quit working and just be a full time wife/stay at home mom! (We are still negotiating how NEAR the "near future" is...)

So for now, with both of us working full time, it is a real struggle to plan and prepare for meals all week long. Call me lazy, but I don't necessarily want to spend my entire evening going to the grocery store, then cooking and cleaning up a huge gourmet meal. I really REALLY love to cook, but there are plenty of other things I love to do as well.

I've learned that organization is key (go figure!) and I always do better if I sit down on the weekend and make a meal plan, write my grocery list (organized by section because I HATE to backtrack in the store) and head out for my weekly trip.

I love to follow weekly meal plans, like what you can find online (occasionally) or published in a magazine. The only problem is that I don't want to have to pay for the plans (since I'm also trying to keep the grocery budget as small as possible)so I figured, "Why don't I just make my own?" And better yet, maybe I could start putting my meal plans up on here or on Facebook just in case they might be helpful for someone else who has the same struggle??

So that's the plan. Stay tuned to see if it actually happens!


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