Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sidewalk Poo and a Mudpuddle

Over here at the Murphy house, we're trying to get a little healthier. And when I say "we" that means ALL of us. Our babies are not excluded.

I often tell people that we don't have wiener dogs. We have a bratwurst and a little smokey. Bless his heart, Oscar is a little husky.

Not "A" husky. He IS husky.

He really likes to eat. Since Lu is afraid of her food dish (and everything else in the world... *sigh*) he often polishes off her dinner before I can catch him and tell him no.

So, the healthy revolution has started and we have started to walk/jog after I get home from work at night. They crack me up so much that I decided to take along my camera tonight and try get some pictures.

First, I tried to capture the moment when I asked the babies if they wanted to go for a walk. This first one made me laugh so much! It definitely captured what I was hoping for. Pure excitement right there, ladies and gentlemen!

Since I walk them both by myself while Matt is at the gym, I have to have a system to keep control of both dogs and hold the doo doo bags. 
And the camera, of course. Because everyone who is walking two extremely hyper dogs should stop and take pictures periodically. 
I think I'm crazy.

"Let's GO mom!" 
I was trying to get all three of our shadows, but Lucy moved at the last minute. Bad dog!
Kidding of course.

This right here is a woman on a mission. Thankfully, she likes to run ahead, because the girl stopped to "tinkle" no less than 17 times during the course of our walk.

Then she decided to poop in the middle of the sidewalk. What kind of silly dog does that??? I quickly looked around, locked their leashes, then fumbled around with the doo doo bags. 
And grabbed the camera. 
Priorities, people!
Okay, actually I cleaned up the mess THEN grabbed the camera. But only because I couldn't get the doo doo baggie open with one hand, so I had to improvise with my leash holding. When I realized how silly I must have looked, I just had to take a picture.

As I was bent over to clean up her mess, a lovely little couple came walking up the sidewalk behind me while I had my back end sticking up in the air. Um yeah, I got some strange looks from them.
What do you even say? Lu doesn't like the pokey grass, can you blame her? 
Oscar was embarrassed.

"Are we almost done yet?"

When we finished our walk, I noticed that the dog park inside our apartment complex was empty (that never happens!) so I took them over there to run free for a while. In typical boy fashion, Oscar found a nasty stinky mud puddle to play in, so when we went home he was carried straight upstairs and put in the tub.

Call me a crazy dog lady if you want, but I do love my babies!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superpower: Supporter

Have you ever taken a personality analysis? I've taken a few over the last several years, and I've always been so surprised how accurate they sometimes are!

Last night Matt was telling me that he found a free personality analysis online through Crown Ministries. He started reading his "results" to me and we totally cracked up. Let's just say they NAILED it! His personality type is "Driver" according to this specific test. In a nutshell: he's a leader, easily makes decisions and sticks with them, and can be assertive. If you're familiar with the animal personality traits, he is almost 100% Lion with a little bit Golden Retriever.

Naturally, it made me curious to see what the same test would say about me. I love it when we both take the same analysis because it shows us areas where we are similar and different, and opens discussion about how we can communicate with each other more effectively. We are SO different from each other in so many ways (you know what they say...."opposites attract"!)

I took the test this morning, and here's what it had to say about me:

Sandra - your profile type is Supporter

General Description
As a Supporter, you naturally thrive when given the opportunity to help, encourage, or cooperate with others. You make loyal friends and employees and gain fulfillment by helping make others successful.

Typical Areas of Strength
Supporters, like you, typically are excellent team players, at home or at work, due to your desire to cooperate, help others, listen, be patient, loyal, steady, and support the efforts of those in charge.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You may sometimes undermine your effectiveness by compromising too much, vacillating on important decisions, being too passive, resisting change, or compromising quality to protect the feelings of others.

Your Preferred Activities
Because you work at a steady pace, you demonstrate an excellent ability to follow through on projects. You cooperate well with others in order to complete activities.

Your Communication Style
You communicate best by using your superior relational and listening skills to convey care and compassion to people in need

It also produces a graph of your personality traits. Not surprising at all to see that when you put Matt's chart and mine together, they are almost completely opposite of each other! My animal personality trait is mostly Golden Retriever with a little bit Beaver and a little bit Otter.

So interesting, right? I love that Matt and I are so different, because it gives us an opportunity to truly be "one" together. To rely on each other's strengths, which are typically our own greatest weakness.

If you're interested, take the assessment for yourself by clicking here!