Our Story

Oh my...where to begin?

I graduated high school in 2004 and started college with one goal : find a rich husband! ( don't tell my mom... ) 

Totally kidding about that. I was actually planning to hop on the corporate ladder as soon as I had my degree, and become some powerful businesswoman in NYC. 

Yes, seriously. 

I have always wanted to live in NYC! However, I had finally realized that my lifelong dream of being a huge Broadway star was seriously unrealistic because A.) I lack the singing talent, B.) I lack the acting talent, and C.) I lack the dancing talent. So I guess you could say I decided to do something else that (I thought) could take me to NYC. 

The first time I remember seeing him was when he walked into our Intro to Business class on the first day of class during my first semester of college. I immediately noticed the way he dressed and the way he carried himself, and thought "That's a rich boy for sure!" Plus, I thought he was pretty cute so I decided to keep an eye on him for a while. You know, admire from a distance. Imagine my surprise when he also came walking into the Bible class I was in! I watched him find a seat next to his girlfriend. 


We didn't have any more classes together until a year later, when we were in Business Law together. Business Law ended up being one of the most challenging classes I took during my entire college career. The whole class bonded rather quickly due to the strenuous and confusing assignments we had each week. I didn't think anything of the fact that he always hung around after class, asking me what type of grade I got on each quiz or homework assignment. But the day he asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him, I nearly started jumping up and down! ( no worries...he didn't have a girlfriend anymore )

I'll never forget the date of our first dinner together. September 24, 2005 was the day I knew I would marry Matthew Thomas Murphy, a precious boy from North Carolina. 

I also remember the day I realized that I really was in love with him. I could walk you to the exact spot on the 4th floor of the Academic Center building on the PCC campus.

And the day he asked me to be his wife! ( July 14, 2007 )

And the day I realized that he wasn't a rich boy after all. (Just kidding dear...)

One of our first dates
Our one-year dating anniversary

Realizing he's proposing to me

I said yes!

Happiest day of my life

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