Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mis-Matched Success!

Well hello there, blog world! Did you think I forgot about you? I didn't. Not for a second! The truth of the matter is, life has been extremely busy and I needed a break to get some other things done and clear my head a little bit. 

Curious what I've been up to? 

For starters, Matt and I started a business! It has been such a fun project for us to tackle together. I've mentioned before how opposite we are, and we have really seen our differences come out as we've worked on business stuff. Again I say we couldn't be more perfect for each other! We're not ready to quit our day jobs just yet, but we are very pleased with our sales so far.

Speaking of jobs, I got a new one! This could be an entire post in and of itself, but I'll just suffice it to say I am so. incredibly. BLESSED.

I'm getting a baby nephew in a few months! Naturally, I have a few projects in the works for precious Baby C. More on that later!

And now, a project I *can* show you!

We had the opportunity a while back to buy a new (to us) kitchen table. The top of it is glass, which is perfect when you're in a cramped apartment! I figured it would make a difference, but I was shocked how much it really opened up the space. The only problem I had with the table was that the cushions on the chairs were just slightly different in color than the walls in our apartment: white and blah. This girl needs some pattern and color!

Clearly this translates into "Ooh, a new project!!" I have been meaning to recover the chairs for several months now, and even went with my sister to pick up some fabric samples. I just couldn't settle on anything, and something else always came up that I'd rather spend the money on, so it just wasn't happening. As a part of our business, Matt and I have started perusing antique shops around the metroplex. Lo and behold (did I really just use that phrase? Ew.) I stumbled upon piles of sample upholstery squares sitting in a shop for $1 each. Total JACKPOT!! After spreading nearly half of them out across the various shelves and floor space, and wrecking the nice neat piles, I finally settled on four different prints. I've never attempted a mis-matched style before, so it took a little reassurance from Matt that they really would look good together. Can I just say, I love that man of mine!

So I finally had an excuse to buy an upholstery stapler (staple gun?) and I went to town!

$1 Each at an antique shop!

My new favorite "tool"

"Before" picture via Instagram

Waiting to be made colorful!

Not sure this is the officially correct way to do the corners but I like how it looks

Cutting off the excess on the bottom so it looks nicer

Nice and square on the bottom

Finished cusions!

Ever tried to take pictures of a glass table? It's impossible to get the lighting right...

Love love LOVE my new chairs!

Eventually, the iron part of the table will get re-done too. I am envisioning a cream or light gray crackle coat on top. We'll see how many times my mind changes before I actually get it finished.

So hopefully, now that I'm back in a regular routine and enjoying daily life again (it's true...the old job wasn't a very happy place) I will be back at my blog much more regularly. Until next time,


ETA: I realize that the layout of some of the pictures is wacky. Sometimes, I really think it's more difficult to add pictures than necessary. Something a little more user-friendly would be much appreciated. That's all.

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