Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fabulous Fourth

Our anniversary is next week!

I sometimes tend to be a little bit overly sentimental with things. If you don't believe me about that, just ask my husband (or my mom) about my tendency to hold on to every little thing because it reminds me of someone or something that I love.

So in anticipation of our fourth anniversary, I spent some time looking through old pictures tonight. My goodness what a flood of memories! It was striking to me that in almost every picture from our wedding, I am laughing. Not just a slight giggle here or there, but genuinely laughing as if I just heard the funniest joke of all time. I loved every minute of our wedding. It truly sticks out in my mind as the happiest day I have ever experienced. Every single detail was (as far as I know) perfect. I had amazing friends beside me the entire day, making sure that each of those details was perfect. I felt spoiled and loved. And happy. So incredibly happy.

It hit me a couple months ago that we were coming up on four years of being married and I panicked a little. Our life is far from what I always thought it would be when we had been married for four years. I figured we'd already be living the "American Dream" somewhere on the East coast. You know, two story house with a white picket fence and exactly 2 .5 kids...

But here we are. In Texas, in a cramped apartment with exactly 2 .5 doggie "kids." (Lu counts as 1 .5 because the dog truly has THAT much personality...) But you know what?

I have my most amazing best friend beside me every single day, making sure that each detail of our lives is perfectly covered in prayer. I feel spoiled and extremely loved. And happy. So much happier than I could have ever dreamed four years ago.

I always believed people when I heard them say things like "I love my husband even more today than I did when we first got married." I just didn't understand how that could be possible. But today, as I reflect on the last four years and all that they have held for us, I can honestly say I'm starting to understand.

So this one's for you, darling! Thank you for every moment every day. For every time you have me rolling on the floor with laughter. For every tear we have shed. I love you!

Happy anniversary!


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  1. Man, aren't those expectations a dangerous thing? Life's just fine, but some idea that I had 3 years ago about where we should be just pops in my head and gets me thinking that we're doing something wrong. And wow, what a fun wedding!