Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Midlife Crisis

Am I too young for that? Am I too old?

So I have a birthday coming up in a couple weeks, and I will be turning 26! I'm still a baby, right? My life isn't even close to being half over, right? So why does the very sound of "I am 26 years old" cause my chest to tighten and a lump in my throat?

Matt and I were awake way too long the other night contemplating this. I'm not freaking out about the age itself, I'm freaking out because I swear just yesterday I got married. I swear it was a week ago I left the only home I'd ever known to start my "grown up" life in college. Wasn't it just last month I was sitting with my youth group friends talking about what we did last weekend?

My point is that I was a kid, I blinked my eyes and now I'm an adult. There is no more "when I grow up" because I'm here. This is it!

This totally freaks me out because it makes me realize that 20 years from now I will probably say "I swear I was just 26 yesterday!"

So what's my point? Live each day to its fullest. Stop wishing for things you used to have or want to have. Stop waiting for tomorrow to do the things you know you should do today.

I'm talking to myself here, but can you relate? Life is short. If you blink you will miss it!


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